SBU Student Interns for Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C


Junior Meg Goodman is continuing the tradition as the third consecutive student from Southwest Baptist University to be selected as an accounting intern for the Heritage Foundation.
As her fellow school mates Jordan Taylor (Summer Intern 2011) and Pearl Karamitros (Summer Intern 2012) went before her, Goodman will go to Washington D.C. on June 3 for 10 weeks.
“I was in shock when they called me,” Goodman said. “I have been planning on spending a summer in D.C. for a long time. It just doesn’t seem real.”
“They only have one intern in the area of finance [and] accounting,” said incoming dean of the College of Business and Computer Science Dr. Troy Bethards.
“The last three of those years have been students from SBU.”
The Heritage Foundation internship gives students first-hand experience in their field.
“This isn’t the internship where you go get coffee. You will actually be doing stuff in you field. They also encourage you to go outside of the office and learn, too,” Taylor said.
Karamitros added, “I felt like I really learned practical skills in accounting. You learn how to be in a business environment. It was strong affirmation in what we are learning here at SBU.”
Both Taylor and Karamitros credit SBU, particularly accounting department chair Wayne Clark, for preparing them for their internships.
“SBU is gaining a reputation with the Heritage Foundation. It is great to see that SBU has prepared us so well,” Taylor said.
“SBU makes us work hard. Mr. Clark doesn’t make it easy,” Karamitros added.
All three students credit Clark’s encouragement in their decision to apply.
“Mr. Clark told me about the internship. I had looked at it before, but it seemed unattainable. I thought I couldn’t do it, but Mr. Clark encouraged me,” Taylor said.
Karamitros continued on to say, “When Mr. Clark chooses you, it is a confidence booster.”
Clark looks for more the technical side of accounting in recommending the internship to students.
“We look for students who have very good communication skills because they will be working in an environment with a cross-section of Heritage Foundation staff,” Clark said.
Clark said it is also important that the students have an interest in government and international issues as well.
Karamitros explained the benefits of having this internship on her resume.
“D.C. really helps to open up questions in interviews,” she said, “It helps employers see interpersonal skills that you learned there.”
Keith Capp, an associate in the accounting and finance department for the Heritage Foundation, speaks highly of the SBU interns.
“SBU has provided our department with knowledgeable and professional accounting interns during the previous two years,” Capp said. “Our experience from working with Jordan and Pearl in their internships has raised the profile of SBU applicants and we look forward to working with Meg when she starts her internship in June.”
Karamitros plans to graduate in May and has already secured a position with KPM CPA’s in Springfield beginning in August.
Taylor hopes to blend his business knowledge with his passion for missions. He will be traveling to the Philippines this summer and plans to spend the Spring 2014 semester in the Philippines.
Goodman will graduate in May 2014. She hopes to stay in the area and work in public accounting.
The Heritage Foundation, founded in 1973, promotes conservative public policies by researching key issues and marketing their findings to members of Congress, policy makers and other political dignitaries.